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e., the person writing a reference letter
Samples: Letter of Reference Samples
• A business reference letter portrays your professional goals, your talents, and your work ethic
• Volunteer work is a great angle in a character reference letter
• An employer reference letter from an ex-boss builds credibility
• A form letter reference can make it tough to distinguish yourself
• A letter of personal reference must sound genuine
• A letter of reference can come from more places than you think
• Not just any letter - reference letters are very important
• Letters of reference from high fliers should read like it
• In some cases, even a relative can write a personal reference letter
• Here is another personal reference letter sample from a relative
• A reference letter for charity or volunteer work is helpful
• Reference letter example from a schoolteacher
• Getting reference letter samples from unfamiliar referrers
• Reference letter writing - drafting your own
• Stick to the nitty-gritty in college reference letters
• Sample of letter of reference for academic performance
• Sample reference letter from a supervisor
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